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Throughout my life I have taken detours in acting and writing, but art remains my abiding passion. - Gloria Vanderbilt (American American fashion designer)

Gloria Vanderbilt was a modern day Renaissance woman She clothed a generation emerging from the tie dye "hippie" lifestyle into a new kind of fashion. Heiress, socialite, model, artist, actor, writer, fashion designer, and mother to CNN's Anderson Cooper, Vanderbilt was accomplished in so many trades, each bringing wealth and fame to an icon.
Vanderbilt was the quintessential muse, allegedly Truman Capote based the character, Holly Golightly from his best selling novel, 'Breakfast at Tiffanys' and Paul McCartney's 'Mrs Vanderbilt' is inspired based on her life.
Vanderbilt's life was the stuff of cinema, an alcoholic father who died when she was young, an embittered custody/trust fund battle that was made into a movie. A career that in the 1970's she developed a fashion line which included perfume, interiors, and most notably jeans.  This was the time of style, labels, and to have her swan on your pocket was a type of style status symbol.
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Among living artists, George Condo may be the most embraced by the powers that be - Jerry Saltz (American art critic)

The only thing that interests me is history, reviewing the past and making something out of it. - Leon Redbone (Cyprus-born Canadian-American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor)

You have to be taught to be second class; you're not born that way - Lena Horne (American singer, dancer, actress, and civil rights activist)

Every time I look at the Eiffel Tower, it completely blows my mind - Brian Fallon (American political activist)

Painting is like making love. You cannot ask, 'How do you do it?' But, hopefully, it is beautiful. - Francesco Clemente (Italian painter)

Paradise is exactly like where you are right now... only much, much better. Laurie Anderson (American avant-garde artist, composer, musician)

Letter writing is an excellent way of slowing down this lunatic helterskelter universe long enough to gather one’s thoughts - Nick Bantock (British artist and author)

After Notre Dame, what is there? Ara Parseghian (American Athlete)

Art has no walls. Anybody can be an artist. Art has no rules. There’s no manual - Mr Brainwash (French born street artist)

I don't think any musician ever thinks about making a statement. I think everybody goes into music loving it - Hugh Masekela (South African Trumpeteer)

I dream of painting then paint what I dream - Vincent van Gogh (Dutch post-impressionist painter)

I design differently because I am Patrick Kelly, and Patrick Kelly is black - Patrick Kelly (American Fashion Designer)