I don't do drugs. I am drugs - Salvador Dalí (Surrealist painter)

And now, a conversation about Salvador Dalí. 

This Spanish surrealist is one of the most prolific artist of the the 20th century and one of my top favorite painters, who's appearance is just as interesting as his art. Most widely known for his painterly approach, Dalí's flamboyant style and personality, playing the role of mischievous provocateur and undeniable virtuoso. 

Dalí assimilated many different techniques (and associations with other Paris surrealists) developing his signature style upon discovering Sigmund Freud's writings of erotic subconcious imagery rendering his dreams and hallucinations via a process he described as 'paranoic critical'. Once he honed this style, his work matured exponentially producing most of his best known work between 1929 and 1937. 

His wife, Gala is known to be his muse throughout his career, inspiring, and the subject of much of his work.

The melting watches from his painting, 'The Persistence of Memory' (also widely recreated) might be recognizable even to the non-art lover which has been revived in everything from wall clocks to T-shirts. 

Dalí worked in film, sculpture, photography and collaborted in media with a variety of other artists and filmmakers. I envy his apparent crystal clarity of his existence, as an enigma, not just an artist. He knew he was special, saw himself and life so uniquely and embraced it. 

With my virtual reality headset, I've toured his museum several times, basking in the otherworldiness of the environment, a must if you're into the VR ilk. 

His work depicts a world in which commonplace objects are juxtaposed, deformed, or otherwise metamorphosed in a bizarre and irrational fashion. Dalí portrayed those objects in meticulous, almost painfully realistic detail and usually placed them within bleak sunlit landscapes that were reminiscent of his Catalonian homeland. - Britannica.com 

Dalí made two Surrealistic filmsUn Chien andalou (1929; An Andalusian Dog) and L’Âge d’or (1930; The Golden Age)—that are similarly filled with grotesque but highly suggestive images and be warned, contain disturbing content. - Britannica.com 


  1. This is sooooooo "out there". He said it right......"....drugs". This is some 'heavy art', no doubt. And perhaps more of the quirky ones should put brush to paper opposed to going out & doing stupid stuff. The worlds needs more space for displaying creativity.

    1. Ageed, everything about him was "out there" with art and artists not supported to the degree of a time gone by.


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