Cirque du Soleil means Circus of the Sun - Guy Laliberte (Canadian Businessman)

Amaluna is based on Shakespeare's The Tempest.

Cirque du Soleil's Amaluna has been touring since 2012, the word a combination of two, "ama", refers to mother in many languages, and "luna" which means moon.  The moon, in some cultures is a symbol of femininity, perhaps why 70% of the cast is female (including the band). 
Loosely based on William Shakespeare's The Tempest, a group of men find themselves shipwrecked on an island of goddesses. The daughter of the queen falls for one of the young men and the performance is based on the toils of their love. The young woman's coming of age ceremony, directed by the Queen, a celebration that honors feminineness, renewal, rebirth, and balance which marks the passing of insights and values from one generation to the next.

I've seen a few Cirque shows over the years and they never disappoint. Over time, I've noticed a similar pattern in their shows, a parallelism to the order. It's not off putting, an observation, the performances are always stimulating, always, an optical and auditory treat. The best way (IMO) to have the ultimate Cirque experience is to get as close to center stage as possible. There's always things going on all around in a Cirque performance, the aerial acts literally fly over your head, very immersive.
Everyone has their vices, things to splurge on that give pleasure, to make working hard worthwhile. For some, it's shoes (moving out of that phase), for others it's travel (which I don't get to do as much as I'd like). This is mine. Once (ok, sometimes twice) a year I'm calculating, manipulating my admittedly tight  budget to get as close to the action as possible. Hubz teases me saying if we were any closer we'd be on stage. Hey, sounds good to me. We add the VIP package which includes parking, drinks, food, and souvenirs. It's a perfect date night.