Red, of course, is the colour of the interior of our bodies. In a way it's inside out, red. Anish Kapoor (Indian-British sculptor)

Red is bold, vibrant, gets your attention, and tells you to STOP.
It's also the color of sunsets and a power color. It's passionate, it represents love, and it's also my favorite color, I'm inexplicably drawn to it and can't say how many pairs of red shoes I own. 
People "see red" when enraged, and Mars is the red planet. It is a base primary color, from which many other colors are derived. It's the color of blood, and historically associated with sacrifice, danger and courage. It's heat, activity, sexuality, desire, longing, lust, malice, wrath, stress, action, vigor, will power, radiance, determination and one of the first colors used in prehistoric art. many Asian countries, it symbolizes happiness and good fortune used often in fung shui. In China, Palace gates and walls were covered in red as well as early pottery. It was the traditional color for Chinese wedding dresses, and continues to be in Indian cultures, symbolizing purity. The red in South Africa's flag symbolizes bloodshed and sacrifices made in its struggle for independence. Ancient Egyptians and Mayans colored their faces red in ceremonies. Roman generals had their bodies covered in red to celebrate victories.
Renaissance wealthy and nobility wore it as a symbol of status. It also became the color of revolution. In Russia, it was associated with beautiful, good or honorable. The eminent Red Square is one of the most famous examples of the beautiful/red connection. It enhances metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure. It attracts attention more than any other color, a primary reason why fire engines are typically red and many company's use the color in their branding. Psychologists believe too much red creates aggression, anger, loss of temper and oppressive behavior and although I've never experienced that, I have had "the red-carpet treatment', "painted the town red" and been "in the red" once or twice.


  1. I love red! I've got about 10 red t-shirts - they're all too big now. No red shoes. Can't recall ever owning red shoes. I had some red cowboy boots my mother bought me - early on in my Navy career. She didn't want me to forget Texas. Red lipstick I love. Years ago when I worked at Kodak, a co-worker named Ken.. daily drooled over my red lips. And when I didn't wear red lipstick, he'd ask me why. Mary Kay has a fabulous red red lipstick I used to replenish often.. and OMG... Fenty Beauty has a red lip paint that's the reddest red I've ever seen.. It wasn't cheap either. the most I've ever paid for lip color. Worth it! I feel like Rhianna when I'm wearing it. Another red that I love? Is that scarlet red stripe on the dress blue uniform of the US Marine Corps. It's earned, they don't all have it yet. It represents the courage and tenacity of the men in some battle I don't recall.. that happened in the 1800s. I LOVE THIS POST!! So fun!

    1. I can help you alter your shirts, you can't let THOSE go! Glad to see someone else has an emotional connction to the color the same way I do. We are kindred spirits!

  2. Red, red, red....between you & Iraxy...
    I recently began wearing red lipstick. I used to be intimidated of it. It was too bold and I wasn't. Now? I used to always dye my hair red for the summer, Rhianna red. That's when I gained a sense of boldness to venture into brighter colors. I once worked with a guy who wore a red tie EVERY DAY. As it was a power color for the office, it got boring seeing him wear it EVERY DAY. But hey, if that was his fuel, so be it. I know you love your red, black & white. Heehee.


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