Suicide is not a remedy. - James A. Garfield (20th US President)

We interrupt our regularly scheduled discussion to consider last week's tragedies. 

We were all saddened to hear of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain's passing. Even more shocking to learn it was at their own hands. There seems to be something about the commonality of these amazing people hanging themselves going back as far as Robin Williams. 

It's true you see from the outside a person who is perceived to have it all, a life some think they would kill to have but this is just a reminder to be kind to each person you meet, for they all are going through some kind of struggle. I think everyone at some time, living in the valley of their lives has contemplated ending it all, when life seems to be getting the best of you. 

I remember my first 2 Kate Spade bags bought in the back room of a shop on Canal Street. The merchant assured me they were authentic (wink wink). Hey, don't judge, it was my first trip to Manhattan, I was a struggling 30 something and had just bought my first house, ALONE, and that shit's expensive!

I wasn't aware of  Anthony Bourdain's book, 'Kitchen Confidential' and had seen his current show, 'Parts Unknown' but my favorite will always be his TV show, 'No Reservations' on the Travel Channel, which was similar to his Food Network series, 'A Cook's Tour', combining his love of travel and food, foregoing the well worn tourists spots, opting instead for local flavor. 
Regarding suicide, I can say from personal experience, you never come to terms with what could have been prevented, what makes someone so tormented that the prospect of the next day holds no hope? You feel cheated, betrayed, angry, confused, sad beyond description and every time you learn of another poor soul taking their own lives will have to recall every empty spot in your life caused by loved ones who did the same. Leaving a suicide note won't bring any peace to those left behind either, believe me, I know. You wonder if you could have done something, when in actuality, the only thing you can do for a person determined to end their suffering this way is delay it. If they don't seek or want help you'll find yourself struggling with the weight of trying to hold you both up, which won't benefit anyone.

I realize this post is less about art and more about mental suffering, but I loved the work of these two icons who seemingly came out of nowhere and set the accessory and travel/food worlds on it's head. And for it to happen within days of each other is too much to comprehend.

It brings to mind famous artists throughout history renowned for their struggles with mental illness and why so often it seems they are two sides of the same coin.


  1. Very well-written blog on this. Thanks for sharing your personal sentiment on the issues. It's all just very, very sad. :o(


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