We're not perfect; we all have things that people might not like to see, and I like to show my faults - Grace Jones (artist)

Bloodlight, and Bami is an intimate portrait of Grace Jones 

Singer, songwriter, supermodel, record producer, and actress, Grace Jones embodied everything being young in the 80's stood for: freedom, self-expression, music, fashion, and art, defining the visual aesthetic of the era. 
This weekend I went with friends to see 'Bloodlight and Bami' at the Texas Theater, a landmark in Dallas, Texas most famously known as the place Lee Harvey Oswald was captured after shooting President Kennedy in 1963. Afterwards there was a party featuring a former Starck Club DJ, Mark, 'Mr. Rid' Ridlen. 

The film was entertaining, visually stimulating, including performances by Ms. Jones, still amazing, still true to herself and her vision (loved the Philip Treacy hats!), edgy, simultaneously nostalgic and refreshing with her classic androgynous style singing old songs and new. This incredible woman, a mere 69 years old (and that bod!) so vibrant, so energetic, and still significant. It seems to have been created using personal family footage while charming and insightful, shaky and most of the time with poor sound (not sure if it was the film or the theater). Getting a glimpse of her background, family, friends, and creative process is a-lot like a peek behind the curtain of the great and powerful Oz. The audience was perhaps the most enthusiastic I've had the pleasure of being a part of, clapping and hooting after songs, some yelling out to the screen as if she could hear and response expected (shades of Rocky Horror), with a few taking their vocal passion a bit too far and being escorted out so the rest of us could continue our long awaited journey into ecstasy.

The party afterwards, was music from a bygone era, with DJ 'Mr. Rid' taking requests, something he never did in the Starck Club days to a dancing crowd now adults with kids, some with grandkids, just happy to have one more night reminiscent of those crazy times surrounded by sexy party goers, uni-sex bathrooms, drugs and multi-level dance floors. The entertainment, a drag queen, billed as a Grace Jones impersonator, while a wonderful performer, completely committed to her craft bore no resemblance to the iconic songstress. Screaming at the congregation about being the only one in the area doing Grace Jones and to "Say fucking thank you and get our your dollars!" didn't help cement any parallel to her with this now grown-ass crowd just wanting to relive a time, a generation that will never be repeated again.


  1. You are a true fan. Nice writing on this piece, too.


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