The strongest logos tell the simplist stories - Sol Sender (graphic designer)

A logo is the calling card for a company or service. 

Some of the best logos are ones that are recognizable without seeing the name of the company. 
For example: 
You get the idea. 
Some have developed to change with the times, occasionally so subtle you don't even realize it's changed until you see it's previous versions:
These examples make good use of negative space. From time to time, what you don't say is just as important as what you do. 

Bad logos, while potentially damaging to a company's brand, are often entertaining.


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  2. Very cool! I LOVE that Spartan logo! Maybe it's just my mind, but some of the logos can easily be taken out of context, too: Arlington Pediatric Center, Mama's baking....

    1. The point exactly. How could the creators or the client not have seen what is so apparent to the rest of us?


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