Let's celebrate Columbus Day by walking into someone else's house and telling them we live there now - e card

It's the perfect day to give attention to Native American art

In honor of a day off work and the first illegal immigrant to America, this week seems the perfect time to focus on Native American art and artists.

I found some beautiful work and tried to learn something about each artist.

Tammy Garcia is a Santa Clara Pueblo sculptor and ceramic artist. She comes from a long line of potters including her great-great-great grandmother, great-great aunt, her mother and sister.

Preston Singletary is a musician and glass artist of Tlingit origin. He is best known for his use of glass to express and explore traditional Tlingit themes and his clan crest, the whale. His music features spoken word, Native storytelling, and singing, performed with an experimental approach with rock/funk aspects.

Nathan Begaye was a ceramics artist of Navaho and Hopi descent. He had his first exhibition at 11, his aunt was a renowned Hopi potter and his uncle a jewelry maker.

Susan Point is a descendant of the Musqueam people. Her study of the form and historical works of Salish art laid the foundation for her productions and helped bring awareness to it's culture.

Charlie James, the son of a non-Native father and a Kwakwaka'wakw mother, was a carver who made full-size and model totem poles, food bowls, and masks. His work epitomized traditional Kwakiutl art with a bold and unique style, unlike anyone else of his period.

Farrell Cockrum is a contemporary artist of the Blackfeet Nation. He captures the spirit of the Blackfeet with a touch of abstract expressionism and streaming colors in each of his unique and colorful paintings.

Go out and celebrate Columbus Day by drinking sangria, getting lost, and stealing someone's stuff.


  1. I agree and feel the pain of the Native's comments; every single one of them! I get just as passionately irritated over the mention of 'Christopher Columbus'. I ALWAYS say he discovered no more than what was already here!

    About the art: it's beautiful and I would hope one would purchase it KNOWING its history and design input, opposed to just purchasing a piece of 'art' just because.

    It's the same case as always proclaiming "I got Indian in me/ in my family!" Do you really KNOW this? Most DO NOT and have claim to more caucasian blood than Indian (scratch that....NATIVE) blood whether they know or believe it or not. I'm glad to have watched that clip. GOING FORWARD I will refer to the natives as such NATIVES!

    I'll stop here on my comments because I can go on & on....

  2. It definitely makes you feel a certain kind of way and hopefully awareness will bring about change. I would love to have some of these pieces displayed in my home and get some conversations going.

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