Why don't you take a picture, it'll last longer - Adolescent comeback

The list of my favorite photographers is varied and long.
 I'll Try to keep it down to 5. Instead of too much bio I decided to let the work speak for itself.

Gordon Parks' list of accomplishments include fashion, the first black contributing photographer and writer for Life magazine , composer, writer documentarian, and filmmaker who's work includes the major motion picture, Shaft.

Margaret Bourke-White started as an architectural and commercial photographer and throughout her career was the first American female war photojournalist who was Life magazine's first female photographer and have her work grace the cover.
Irving Penn was one of the first to approach photography from an artistic view, known for his still life, fashion, portraits,  and printmaking. He was Vogue magazine's top photographer for over sixty years.
Diane Arbus started in fashion (worked for Vogue magazine in her early career) and advertising photography. She was considered radical due to the subjects of her work, those considered cultural "outsiders" of main stream society.
David  LaChappelle is a fine art and commercial photographer, music video and film director who was discovered by Andy Warhol. He is known for his hyper-realistic chaotically controlled style. 
Carrie Mae Weems works with textiles, video, and spoken word in addition to photography. Her work focuses on family relationships, cultural identity, class and sexism. The imagery often intimates a moment, frozen in time.
Helmut Newton chose an erotic and humorous aesthetic approach to fashion and portraiture, isolating women's legs, boobs and butts in sensual and provocative ways with severity. While researching for this post I was shocked and saddened to learn he'd been killed in a car accident in 2004.
I know that was 7, but I tried.


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