If the shoe fits, find the other one! - ecard

My love(ish) letter to shoes - WTF?

Dear shoes,

It's no secret how much I love you. To me, you were always the perfect combination of style, expression with sometimes comfort not part of the equation. But we took the world on, left and right foot, one step in front of the other. I never brought you home without taking you out. I admit it hasn't always been about you. The collection of purses was just as important to this relationship as you were. I'm nothing without the accoutrements. 
I'm starting to feel a betrayal coming from you. I love you as much as ever and after all these years I still desire to spend my days and nights with you, but I see our relationship changing. I'll never forget the first time you tried to take my spirit to new heights but my aging physical self was too earth bound. The symbol of that time, those red suede 5 inch platforms that I discovered I couldn't walk comfortably, let alone dance still live in that black box in the back of my closet. I can't bear to part with them, they're too beautiful. I'll never forget that feeling of unsteadiness, insecurity, something I'd never experienced with you before and it changed our relationship.
Ever since, I've watched you, just alluring as ever, moving away from me to the younger more daring audience. We are both evolving, while you
are becoming more bold, combining new materials and aerodynamics, you don't seem to consider me and what I can no longer wear which pisses me off. I've taken you to places, shared so many experiences and you seem content to now leave me behind while I finesse within this the other half of middle adulthood. Instead of working together, the way we always have, I now see an opposition with aging and style. I don't mind the flats, as long as they're cute, and we both know I've always loved a kitten heel. And sure, I've covertly glanced as those low top converse sneakers. But damn, shoes, what the hell is going on?

 I'm going to blame it on the lack of quality of my selections.

Why all of a sudden do I find myself having to switch to flats in the middle of my work day? Or when we go out I have to find a place to sit? No, it's not my getting older to blame. 
I will not going to go quietly into the night!  I have no intention of shrinking into the shadows wearing some sensible orthopedic lace up flats with good ankle support and if you think I do, you've got another think coming!


  1. Haha! My shoes and I have found a compromise. I don't purchase those that aren't "attracted" to me. This was too funny but oh-so-true.

    1. I'll get there, eventually. We've been fighting a lot lately!


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