Let's Dance! - David Bowie (singer songwriter)

I love art. 

All kinds of art. I love not only relishing in my favorite art and artists but also discovering new art in its many forms and sharing what I like.

This week the focus is on dance, its varieties and mixing it with other mediums. This first one I found on YouTube accidentally. It's from Worldwide Dance, combines hip hop with ballet, and it's beautiful.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Wrecking Orchestra combines their unique dance style with technology using LED light suits, a visual treat. The music’s not bad either.

Rachel Roy’s 2011 Dance Fashion Film, “Move”, is stunning, captivating, and timeless. An out of the box way to showcase a fashion line.

This experimental dance/motion capture piece was created on Xbox One Kinect for motion data capture! I gotta get one of those…

“Phone Home” was an impromptu piece done by Les Twins and YAK Films, allegedly completely freestyle,  never intended to be released and reportedly the springboard to their international career. The vibrant camera work has sparked my curiosity and I hope their other work is just as good as this. Oh, and that song, “808” is fire (song contains strong language)!


  1. Great blog and videos! Dance has greatly evolved into a mesh of all genres; makes it interesting. Hope to see more!


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