But first, let me take a selfie - The Chainsmokers (American pop duo)

 The only thing new about selfies is the name.

Self portraits, the original "selfies" have been around since the first desire to immortalize ourselves.

In my previous life I was a big shutterbug and occasionally exhibited my work. My friends and I often would turn our cameras around  pointing the lens at ourselves and yell, "focus me!", which resulted in blurry, overexposed images that were fun and sometimes resulted in 'happy accidents'. 

These are selfies of some of my favorite artists. I really had to narrow it down or this post would have been way too long.

self portrait with bandage
You might have seen this one of Vincent Van Gogh, even if you didn't know who he was, you've  probably heard of him.The one who cut off his ear, and gave it as a gift to a woman he was fond of (although that story is wildly debated in the art community). This portrait was done not long after it happened.

self portrait of man in red clay

Leonardo Da Vinci was also an inventor and his sketches have been used in text books, movies, logos, etc. He has been called the father of paleontologyarchitecture, and considered one of the greatest painters of all time, whose most famous work is the Mona Lisa.

self portrait with palette

Pablo Picasso was co-founder of the Cubist movement and possibly the most influential artist of the 20th century. He was a sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, stage designer, poet, and playwright who spent most of his time in France.

the two Fridas

Frida Kahlo was often bed ridden due to a trolley car accident and used herself in much of her work because she was the most accessible model (the same reason I am often the subject of my work). You should see the movie Frida, executive produced and starring Salma Hayek. It's beautifully done and another favorite of mine. 

Cindy Sherman transforms herself in her portraits, but doesn't consider them selfs, some of which if not for knowing her work you'd never recognize her. I am in awe of her ability and If you don't follow her on Instagram, you're missing out. She has managed to make social media another tool of her artistic expression. 

               Here are some of mine created over the years

Nefertiti #2
Self-pop #2

Negative Self Image


  1. That's a good explanation of Van Gogh's selfie. I thought the white cloth was part of his headgear. Now, I know it's a bandage from cutting off that ear- ewe. Art is so interesting and even more so once you delve into it- the history and all. A movie "The Longest Ride" is a great love story encompassing the love of art. It puts in perspective another reason a person loves it so.

    You have some great selfies, too! The negative selfie is how I felt last week...well every day. :o)

    1. I couldn't agree more! I've heard of that movie but haven't seen it. Gotta check it out.
      Glad you like my selfies, each expressed how I felt at the time.

  2. Sometimes art costs more than an arm or a leg.

    1. True, it can also cost an ear! I see what you did there ;-)


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