10 works of art at the tips of your fingers....

Random... Have you seen what the world of nail design is up to?

Just like hair competitions the world of nail art is booming

Image source: rolimfofoca.com
Most people know the difference between a nail "shop" and a salon.
A shop has rows of 
manicure stations, and pedicure chairs, not much decor, you're there for the service, in, out and on with your day. Nothing special.

A salon, also has manicure and pedicure stations, but that's where the similarities ends. A good salon provides an experience, with more options available, facials, waxing, eyelash extensions, brow grooming, etc., usually very sanitary. This is often times topped off with complimentary drinks (some have full bar service), all surrounded by an ambiance you can only get in a place like that.
Image source: nailsmagazine.com
Before I discovered my favorite salon Castle Nail Spa, the shop I most frequented (before they were robbed at gunpoint) had magazines dedicated to the art of nails which included these competitions.
I'd never seen anything like it, I'd love to attend one of these shows and see these extreme works of art up close. Because rest assured, this is definitely art.

Love it or hate it (isn't that what art is supposed to do, get a reaction out of the viewer?) the high hitters in these competitions are forces to be reckoned with.

Image source: funkytrend.com
I think I'd love to be a guinea pig at one of these events, just for the day (or two). I'd love to the see the look on the faces of my co-workers at the cube farm when they got a load of my hands. I'm sure I'd be encouraged aka ordered to take a PTO day and remedy my... situation.
Image source: oddstuffmagazine.com

Never mind that you definitely can't work a 9 to 5 or heaven forbid wait tables with these nails sets. They are extravagant, otherworldly and often outrageous. And I thought I was out of the box with my glitter tips.

Image source: taringa.net


  1. Whoa! These nails are a bit much. Art, I agree. Practicality, not so much.


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